04 Jul 2015

GDB Cheat Sheet

This is a collection of commands I’ve found useful when working with GDB.

Run an executable with args:

gdb --args path/to/executable -every -arg you can=think < of

gdb -q --args ./bof $(/opt/metasploit-framework/tools/pattern_create.rb 1000)

Set a breakpoint:

break main

b main

Set a breakpoint at an instruction:

b *0x80484b5

Disassemble a function:

disassemble main

disas main

Show registers:

info registers

i r

Show a specific register:

info registers eip

i r eip

Show a backtrace with local valirables:

bt full


View the value of a register ($ = value)

x/x $eip

View next four hex word values:

x/4x $eip

View next 100 strings at esp:

x/100s $esp

View string at address:

x/s 0x4005ec

View the assembly instruction at a register:

x/i $eip

View the next four instructions:

x/4i $eip

Next instruction:



Print out stack:

x/wx $esp

x/4xw $sp # four hex words

x/1000xw $sp # 1000 hex words

Find a function address

info address foo


Intel syntax

set dis intel

GCC compile with debugging options for x86

gcc -g -m32 -o bof example.c

Show source if compiled with the -g flag


Generate core dump on segfault

ulimit -c unlimited

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