I’m Zach and I like to hack stuff. I come from the land of ice and snow better known as Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’ve been a systems administrator, developer and currently a penetration tester.

You might find me at our local CitySec meetup, MilSec, or at OWASP Milwaukee. I’ve also been a member of the Wisconsin CCDC Red Team since 2012.

Speaking Engagements

I’ve had the privilege to present at the events below. In my presentations, I like to do demos, be educational and have something for all skill levels.

Date Organization Title
2016.09.23 DerbyCon 2016 Better Network Defense Through Threat Injection and Hunting
2015.01.28 WCTC Cyber Security Summit Beyond Prevention, Assume Compromise
2015.05.16 BSides Chicago Pen Testing Is Broken
2014.11.14 WCTC Penetration Testing with NIST SP800-115 and Metasploit
2014.10.30 AT&T Wireless Technology Forum Mobile Security
2014.09.10 Illinois State University Cracking the Perimeter via Web Application Hacking
2014.05.15 InfraGuard SuperCon Windows Expoitation Demystified
2014.03.11 SIM/InfraGuard External Attack Vectors
2014.01.30 Wisconsin Mega Conference Cracking the Perimeter via Web Application Hacking
2013.10.30 DePaul University Cracking the Perimeter via Web Application Hacking
2013.10.17 ISSA/InfraGuard Preemptive Strike - Testing Your Security Before The Attackers Do
2013.09.19 403 Labs SAF Knowing and Controlling Your Exposure
2013.07.30 Milwaukee OWASP Web Application Fuzzing Techniques
2013.21.02 InfraGuard The OWASP Top Ten and the Associated Risks

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